Monster Girl Island Wikia


Hailing from the Spiritlands, Adeline is the cutest spider you'll ever see. After going to school with Renge, Sayuri, and Chumumi, Adeline found herself becoming a renowned seamstress. At one point she designed an outfit for the famous popstar Ai before the pair of them disappeared. A certain mysterious purple slime was also nearby when Adeline vanished from the Spiritlands.

Adeline was one of the first to arrive on the island, a full month before the main character appeared on the island. Ara and Faranne, originally thinking that they had been hunting for a mere 2 days, were surprised to hear that Adeline had been in the abandon village for an entire month.

Adeline has a cheerful and calm personality, being very happy to help the main character with all their clothing needs, needing a few Azure Dragonflies for dye so she can begin.

Adeline's shop allows the player to examine different clothing options and hairstyles for the residents... or look at each girl a bit closer...

Once the player has purchased an outfit, the respective monster girl will wear the current outfit the player is looking at, making it easy to swap between clothing sets.