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Ara, your friendly Nekomata next-door, is a character you meet in Monster Girl Island. In fact, she is the first girl you come into contact with during the demo of the game.

As a Cat Girl she seems friendly and very calm, at least as long as you do what she is telling you…


Ara has lived on the island for as long as she can remember.

Being inhabited primarily by elves, it's unclear how she arrived there in the first place.

She is very close to her adoptive sister, Faranne, who has taken care of her since she was a baby.

All her human belongings were brought to her by her uncle, who sometimes went outside the island (as she said, a few people have the power to trespass the barrier that protects the island) to find and bring the human technology and books that she has.

Ara is usually easygoing, and prefers to read or play instead of working, but lately, she has been worrying about the disappearance of her parents and the rest of the elves of the village.

It is implied that she comes from the red sky's world, mainly because on the island there are no other Nekomata more than herself, on the other hand, there actually are Nekomata in the red sky's world.