Monster Girl Island Wikia


Sayuri and Renge, a pair of twin Kitsunes, come from the frosty Spiritlands, one of the many regions of the Abyss. Having graduated from a prestigious all girls school along with Chumumi and Adeline, the twins found themselves whisked away to a distant island.

Upon talking with Renge the player can be lead to believe that the Spiritlands has a red sky with no stars instead of Earth's blue sky with many stars.

Renge (right) tends to be quiet, shy, and quite intelligent. At one point, Renge took over the school's student committee position of President. Her conversations with the player are rushed and shy due to the fact the player is the first male she has she has ever talked to before. Even through the stuttering, its apparent she is very kindhearted. Beneath her shy exterior, Renge hides a very rarely seen kinkier side...

Sayuri (left) is the polar opposite of her sister. Outgoing, mischievous, and carefree, Sayuri says and acts on whatever is on her mind. Never afraid to be be herself, Sayuri has gotten in trouble at school more times than even Renge can count. She also has a strong attraction to women, going as far as publicly groping their bodies. Whether or not she is strictly on an all women diet will depend on how the player pursues her...